A Little About Emily Stilwell...

Emily is a Western New York expat currently located out of Central Virginia.

Emily is, at any random point in time, an artist, an animator, and a crafter. She has a BFA in Film & Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Emily's favorite programs include Paint Tool Sai and Adobe After Effects. 

Emily's favorite traditional medium is gouache. 

Emily has far too many favorite movies to name. Her favorite genres are mystery and sci-fi. 

Emily currently works full time for a local non-profit organization. Her weekends are usually split between art, video games, and attempts at fishing. 

Emily lives with her SO and her 3 cats: Guinevere (The Princess), Westley (The Weird One), and Luna (the baby). Ask her sometime to tell you about how they got Guinevere and never get the 30 minutes of your life back.