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A Little About Emily Stilwell...

Emily is a Buffalo, NY expat currently located out of Central Virginia.

Emily is, at any random point in time, an artist, an animator, and a crafter. She has a BFA in Film & Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology. 

Her favorite programs include Paint Tool Sai and Adobe After Effects. 

Her favorite traditional medium is gouache. 

Emily has far too many favorite movies to name. Her favorite genres are mystery and sci-fi. 

She currently works full time for a local non-profit organization. Her weekends are usually split between art, video games, and bowling.

Emily lives with her SO and her 4 pets: 3 Cats (Westley, Guinevere, and Luna) and a dog (Théoden).

Why "Artifice & Grace"?

An Artificer is a class in Dungeons and Dragons, a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game. "Masters of invention, artificers use ingenuity and magic to unlock extraordinary capabilities in objects. They see magic as a complex system waiting to be decoded and then harnessed in their spells and inventions."  Emily is currently working through her very first campaign as a gnome warlock, but otherwise loves DnD media like "The Adventure Zone" and "Critical Role."

Grace is also Emily's given middle name. You may see her under the handle "graceisajinx" because she jokes that she was jinxed at birth to be accident-prone. But the name is also a badge of honor and a reminder to be kind to everyone, even yourself. 

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