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It's All Coming Back to Me Now

So I've been updating this website. And the biggest change is that I also have started a YouTube channel.

I got back my favorite animation program from college and have been testing it out. At first, I thought I was really rusty with it. I'm slowly remembering my fundamentals, but I have found I am more sure of myself than ever. I dove in and animated the trailer for my YouTube channel trailer and was surprised how *not* stressed I was in making it. Thinking back, it's probably because I wasn't being rushed by a deadline or a set of parameters I was trying to meet for a grade.

Besides that, additional website updates include: A Commission Calculator, social links, and a new Animation section under the Gallery Tab. Even though it makes me cringe, I included my old animation from my 2nd year at RIT.

And you're hearing it here first, with the intention of creating content for previously mentioned YouTube Channel, I'll be joining Twitch and live-streaming art whenever I can!

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