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Gotta catch'em all...

I keep opening new social media accounts. It feels like I have to if I'm to keep up with the times. I'm not taking it too seriously and plan on avoiding the endless pit of despair that is world news via social media. Of course I was recommended "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix just this morning.

I have joined Twitch and have found streaming to be entertaining and engaging. I wish I was in a quieter place though, as this old house we live in has NO insulation whatsoever. I also sit in an old 60s style desk chair which creaks whenever I so much as breathe. You can hear everything in the next room even with the door closed. Westley the cat shrieks his head off quite often for no apparent reason. Twitch has a weird expectation that you talk to the chat and I wonder if my silence is off-putting. But I stand by not turning on the mic for now.

I've updated the website again, adding new links to the footer for all the random social medias I've compiled and have updated my gallery a tad. I've been in a fanart mood recently.

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